chance me at UVM

<p>i posted this in the Transfer forum but haven't had a lot of answers (1 to be exact).. i don't know much about the selectivity of schools, so although i know that UVM is more selective i really couldn't say whether it was on the same level as an Ivy or U-Dubb, if i did, i could answer my own question and wouldn't have to float it to each separate please be gentle and your info is most helpful :)</p>

<p>chances of transfer to UVM and/or U Southern Maine </p>


<p>whats are my chances of getting into UVM and U Southern Maine?</p>

<p>hs: 3.5 GPA
top 25%
was published in Young Poets Anthology
Creative Writing Award
health columnist/marketing manager for school newspaper
participant in NHS, a county mentorship program, much volunteer work
was treasurer in a homeless awareness project</p>

<p>after hs:
34 credits at Kent State
3 credits at Clark College
college GPA: 3.4
active in school GSA and volunteered for AIDS Walk in Portland (WA), World AIDS Day, TG Day of Rememberence, Club Fair, Freedom to Marry Week</p>

<p>my ACTS scores are not good so thank goodness they're not asking for them!!!</p>

<p>In!10 characters</p>