Chance me at Vassar College

Ethnicity: White
Location: Long Island, NY
ACT: 31(32 E, 33 M, 30 R, 29 S)
GPA: 3.75 UW GPA 4 W GPA
College Essay: Very Good

Clubs: Jazz Band, Science Olympiads, Key Club, Pit Band, Pep Band, Stage Crew, Portfolio Club, NHS, Marching Band

AP’s: APUSH: 5 AP Bio: 4 AP Physics 1: 4

Awards: National Honors Society, Foreign Language Honors Society, AP Scholars Program, Advanced Distinction with Honors Regents Diploma, 8th Place in a anatomy for SCIOLY. I’ve played at NYSSMA and got a ~95(I think).

Volunteer Work: Summer Camp for 3 years(CIT). Volunteered ~20 hours per week. 6 weeks per summer. My moms job in filing cabinets and other office stuff. Volunteered at Kids Halloween festival.

Jobs: Tutor AP Bio and AP Phyiscs I, Supermarket cashier(part time)

Sports: CYO Basketball, Varsity Track, Little League Baseball, Travel Baseball, Varsity Wrestling and Middle School Baseball

I would looove to know how I stand in my chances!

How did things work out for you?

I got accepted

male or female? apologies in advance