Chance me at Vassar College!

Hello! I am interested in applying to Vassar ED this fall, and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out my chances!! If you have ideas for liberal arts schools that are easier to get into but have similar academics, campus culture, location, and financial aid packages, I would love to hear about them.

  • White female
  • US Citizen, midwest
  • Public HS (1.5k students)
  • GPA 4.1 unweighted, 3.75 weighted
  • Class rank n/a
  • 9 AP Classes, test scores: 5 AP Lang, 4 APUSH, 3 AP Euro, 3 APES
  • Intended major: Media studies or English creative writing, film minor, maybe gender studies minor? Interested in non-profit management but Vassar doesn’t offer any courses.
  • Awards: Bronze presidential service award, National honor society, Quill and scroll honor society, AP Scholar with honor, School Award for Leadership in AP Language and Composition, School Award for Leadership in AP Environmental Science.
  • Extracurriculars: President of National Honor Society, President of environmental club, Secretary of Model UN, Co-editor of school newspaper, varsity LAX defender, Student Council officer. Intern for local women writing organization and over 120 service hours as a camp counselor. Also involved with ushering at local cinema and currently attempting to found an arts centered mental health youth non-profit !! Work 6 hours a week as a server at a nursing home
  • Budget: Good financial aid and loan pay off programs are definitely crucial! My parents can afford Vassar but barely, would love suggestions for schools with merit based aid.

As one suggestion, look into Skidmore.


What is your approximate class rank? Even if your school does not rank, it is highly likely that the general range (top 10%? top20%? top 50%?) will be conveyed by the GC, or decipherable by colleges you apply to based on the school profile. That information will help people chance you.

What are your SAT and/or ACT scores? Even if you are applying TO, it will help those here if we know it, to get a sense of where you will academically fit. Even without scores, I would bet Vassar Adcoms will be able to figure out an estimate of your academic ability, and whether you’d be a successful student.

I assume I’m in the top 25%, but my school is adamantly against ranking and they keep it very hush hush. Thanks for your help!

If you can afford Vassar try ED. Others are Bard, Kenyon, Grinnell (open curriculum) and Kalamazoo. At Olaf is open curriculum too. Good luck.

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Connecticut College seemed comparable to us after our visits and has merit aid and has a higher acceptance rate than Vassar. It has a much smaller endowment but that should not affect merit. Trinity College also has merit aid, but the campus culture is reportedly very different from Vassar.

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