Chance me at Williams?

<p>Im only a rising junior so i have a lot more to do but:</p>

<p>-3.87 unweighted gpa
- 4.2 weighted
- All honors and AP courses
-high honor role every quarter
- will have 11 varsity letters by end of high school- soccer, skiing, lacrosse
- jv captain freshman year
-varsity other years
-competitive ski racing outside of school (many distinctions)
-High school racing 2nd in the state
-Varsity all years
-rookie of the year freshman
-MVP sophomore
-captain for rest of high school (junior and senior)
-varsity all years
- all conference 1st team
-defensive player of the year on my team
-club team playing at national tournaments outside of school
-captain for junior/ senior year </p>

<p>-Church youth group (community service projects with that)
-will have traveled on 4 mission trips by end of high school
-volunteer for nature preserve
-writer/ reporter for local newspaper
-hopefully getting involved in school newspaper (editor perhaps? to show leadership)</p>

<p>do your best to get all A's and do your best on the SAT. Good EC's so far, keep that up. Otherwise, it's too early to tell.</p>