Chance me? Be honest.

<li>SAT I (breakdown): Math: 510 Reading: 600 Writing: 580 (I know these aren't fabulous, retaking in the fall)

<li>ACT: 27 </li>
<li>SAT II: Taking History and Biology in the Fall.</li>
<li>Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.4</li>
<li>Rank: Top 25%</li>
<li>AP: US (waiting), Euro (3), taking Physics B and possibly self - studying Spanish and government senior year</li>
<li>Senior Year Course Load: English 12 Honors, Pre - Calculus, AP Physics, SUPA Economics, Honors Government, Chamber Orchestra</li>


<pre><code>* Extracurriculars: South High Marathon Dance, School newspaper (editor - in - chief), Gay - Straight Alliance (founder and president), Girls Day planning committee, Spanish Honor Society
* Job/Work Experience: Cashier at Price Chopper
* Volunteer/Community service: Planned Parenthood peer educator, teaching Spanish in elementary school during the fall
* Summer Activities: Working 20 - 30 hours at Price Chopper

<p>Planning to apply to SUNY Albany, College of Saint Rose, possibly applying for Macaulay to either CUNY Brooklyn or CCNY. If I don't end up applying for Macaulay, I'll apply at both CCNY and Brooklyn.</p>


<p>Please? I'll chance you back. :)</p>

<p>Update to volunteer hours: have averaged approximately 100 hours at Planned Parenthood and teaching Spanish in the elementary school near my high school.</p>

<p>Not too sure about the SUNY Albany but if its like Binghamton your ACT is 1 point lower then their median but everything else seems good. You will definitely get into the CUNYs but your a long shot from Macaulay. Im also planning on applying to Macaulay.
BTW as a side note I recommend sticking to the ACT bc its much easier to raise and its equivalent to an 1820.</p>

<p>So I should try to raise my ACT or stick to it? And do you have any idea on how to make myself more viable for acceptance to Macaulay?</p>


<p>I agree about the ACT..upping your SATs significantly will be very hard.
Your ECs are strong. I think they show you are a leader.
I don't know enough about those schools to chance you but I think you are a strong candidate with a decent GPA but your test scores need to go up. Write a good essay that shows you as a hard-working, loyal, leader and that'll really seem uniform along with your ECs. In my opinion-</p>

<p>chance me :)</p>

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<p>well your act and sat scores seem fine for college of saint rose, and I think you're "in" for that. Same w/suny albany because their middle 50% act ranges from 22-27 and you're on top of that. you also have a good shot at Brooklyn and not sure about Macaulay. If you could work hard senior year and get a GPA boost, that would be pretty good. Volunteer hours and EC's will be a help. w/good essay and solid rec's you're set bro!</p>