chance me before i send in my 90 bucks

<p>i'm a female from the midwest with native american heritage (1/8 if it counts)
my gpa is a 3.6 unweighted from a private school
the past 1.5 years i've gotten a 4.0, i just really screwed up my freshman & sophomore year and i acknowledged it in my additional information with justification b/c of stressful home life, as well as how i've matured since
i have a 35 act and over 700s in math level 2, chemistry, and literature subject tests, with a 760 being my highest :/
i have written a couple bangin' essays for the supplements and my common app essay is pretty good too, my english teacher last year said it was one of the best in my class
one of my "hooks" or whatever but i hate to call it that is that i'm from a single mother who got schizophrenia from drugs and i live with my grandparents and she kinda made my life stressful for the first three years of high school & before
i've taken every science class offered at my school, two at a time this year and junior year
my APs have been calc AB&BC, stats, chemistry, literature & composition
i'm taking a college-level anatomy course this year
my extracurriculars are kinda poops but i've been on the math team, science olympiad and a special science team thing that seems impressive
i'm trying to go pre-med</p>

<p>i've heard that admission for native americans is easier so i'm hopeful that can make up for me being a little unimpressive on paper, but stanford has been my dream school forever and i'm absolutely sure i could be successful there.</p>

<p>just give me like a percentage
my estimate right now is like 50% i guess which is enough to make me want to apply but if you guys are like wow it's not worth it i don't want to get my hopes up at least...</p>

<p>I would say closer to 20% than 50% and that is being generous. However, Stanford doesn’t use your freshman year grades so that will help you.</p>

<p>I agree with unicameral. Being a Native American will help you, but it’s your essays that will make up the difference.</p>


<p>yeah i mean obviously nobody really has a 50% chance but i guess it’s bias because i just really want them to know i’m not just trying to get into some good school because my daddy told me to or something</p>

<p>1 in 5 is definitely good enough for me
it’s like way way better than i thought before i started actually looking into admission stuff
i thought there was no way on gods great earth they would let me in with a 3.6 but now i guess that means i have a 3.8 :)</p>

<p>You will have a 3.6 for admissions, but they will take into account that most of your GPA dropping courses came from Freshman year.</p>

<p>But if your essays/recs are not excellent, your chances drop even further, so be wary.</p>

<p>“my english teacher last year said it was one of the best in my class”</p>

<p>Just FYI, there are like 25 kids in the typical high school english class. More than 36,000 applied to Stanford last year, and all of them will be the best in their high school. Don’t expect your essays to help too much.</p>

<p>My English teacher (AP Lit) told me that my essay was literally flawless.</p>

<p>I got deferred from Yale.</p>

<p>So… Yeah…</p>

<p>you’re IN I’d say about 80% I’d honestly be very surprised if a Native American/35 ACT/700+ subject tests applicant gets rejected</p>

<p>I have seen VERY qualified URMs get rejected from Stanford.</p>

<p>Like I said, it’s all about the essays.</p>

<p>The ECs too, aamistak’s activities sound weak which is a huge thing for Stanford.</p>