Chance me! - Boston University ED

Demographics: Bay Area, meh school, South Asian

Intended Major(s): Bioengineering so have options (premed or transfer to cs or even mech)


W/UW GPA and Rank: Academic GPA (9 -11) - 4.1852/3.7407, 10-11 GPA - 4.5294/3.8235, I believe I am in the top 20-30%

Coursework: Will max out the number of AP’s I can take out my school this year (10th - WHAP (3), 11th - AP Calc AB (4), APUSH (4), APES (5), AP Psych (5), took honors chemistry and physio, will be taking honors physics and AP Bio during senior year. I have a heavier course load compared to most at my school. Did a Pre-Calc class at a CC during the summer before Junior year so I can get into Calc, and I got an A.

Awards: 1st Place Award from Junior Achievement and John Muir (It was an internship where I had to create a solution to a problem in my county, med related)

Extracurriculars: (Not in any order)

Job at Ace Hardware (11-12)

Volunteering at local crisis center and hosting food drives for them (9-12)

National Honor Society (11-12)

California Scholarship Federation (11-12)

JV Tennis (9-12)

Orchestra (6-9)

Model UN (11-12)

Dental Shadowing (11-12)

Tutoring (11-12)

Founder of a Podcast I made into a club at school (11-12)

Boy Scouts - Will get Eagle sometime this fall (5-12)

Essays/LORs/Other: My LOR’s so far are probably a 7 or a 8 out of 10 (I have two so far)

Additional info: I am a permanent resident

Thanks for reading! Please share your thoughts!!!

I’m going to go with no - however, not a hard not and ED will help. The reason I’m a no is because their average student is in the top 6% of the class and while you don’t know your rank, you think 20-30%.

That said, it’s not a hard no - and like everyone - have a solid list of matches and safeties.

Good luck.

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