Chance me: Boston University, George Washington, Michigan, NYU, Barnard

My daughter is a rising senior and is working on applications, and finalizing her list. We just want to make sure that she has a well-rounded list. Her stats:

GPA: 3.89 UW, 4.5 UW
ACT: TBD (Most of her schools are TO at this point but she’d like a chance to take it, though that remains to be seen given the Covid situation. Her practice tests had been around 32, with 34 and 35 Reading and English, 30’s math and science)

Junior year: APUSH, AP English, AP Gov, AP Chem – All A’s except a B+ in APUSH (She didn’t do great on her AP tests – all 3’s – the home tests were not her strong suit, so she won’t be submitting)Spanish Honors

Senior year: AP Lit, AP Stats, AP Psych, Anatomy Honors (though she may try to get into AP Bio) everything else honors.

EC’s and awards:
Four year varsity starter, softball. All-conference and all-area accolades
Travel softball team 9, 10, 11 (elite teams geared towards recruitment, though she decided against playing in college in 11th grade – large year round time commitment)
Sports reporter, school newspaper: 9, 10, 11
Volunteer, Girls Play Sports, a local organization that encourages girls to participate in sports: 9, 10, 11
Volunteer at Misericordia Bakery, which benefits adults with special needs: 9, 10, 11
Peer tutor: 11
Scholastic Silver Key Writing awards for personal essays, all-area: 9 and 10

During Covid:
Created a website for graduating seniors during the quarantine to announce college selections and help them connect with each other during the quarantine (the graduating class was around 850, so no small feat)
Is currently taking two graded online UCLA classes over the summer: Psychobiology and Linguistics.

Part-time jobs in retail and currently in a bakery: 11, 12

Recommendations: very strong, from APUSH and math teachers

Essay: Excellent, interesting essay as writing is her strong suit.

Would love to get opinions.

Those look like good choices for her. This is a harder year to predict without the specificity of test scores, but I think she has a really good chance at most of those. Barnard and Umich are reaches, NYU, George Washington and BU seem like matches, so I might look for a few more low matches and safeties.

She’s also applying to Loyola Marymount, University of Washington, and UCLA, which is a reach. Oregon is a safety if necessary. She has most of her Common App completed, and is now working on supplemental essays. We’re waiting to hear on the ACT sites in our area – she’s been trying to take it since April, but the tests keep getting cancelled.