Chance me Boston University

I am an out of state student
I am an asian female.
SAT: 1500(superscore) (730 reading, 770 math)
Biology subject test: 790
GPA weighted: 4.57
GPA unweighted: 4.0
APs: 13 AP classes
Varsity tennis team
Won National Emperor Science Award and conducted cancer research project through that
President of 2 school clubs
In science honors society, leadership position in english honor society, in national honor society
Have published a paper in field of biology
Summer paid internship
Volunteered in the hospital for 3 summers (and held leadership position)
Major to apply for: Biology
Commended National Merit

y=You seem to be a very strong candidate. Can I ask what aps you took and what your scores were? BU really puts an emphasis on AP classes so this will definitely help to determine if you get in or not, but you seem to have everything else going for you. Just keep in mind that Biology is one of the most competitive majors at BU, and since it is under CAS, you may want to increase your chances of admission by applying undecided and declaring bio once you arrive

@trockim Thanks! Does it not hurt to put undeclared?

AP Language - 94
AP Stat - 94
AP Calc AB - 90
AP Calc BC - 92
AP Bio - 92
AP Physics 1 - 96
AP Us History - 93
AP Psych - 95
AP Comp Sci Principles - 96

…The rest of my APs are still in progress

any response would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Your stats look great! Applying ED?

No, not ED. Would I still have a good shot without ED?

@airway1 ^^

Since your major is within the college of arts and sciences, applying undeclared will not hurt you, and transferring to bio once you arrive on campus will be simple. Also keep in mind that BU focuses more on you’re scores on the AP exams rather than the grades you receive in the classes, as the AP exams are standardized and the individual AP classes at each school aren’t

oh I haven’t even sent AP Scores anywhere…my school counselor told me they aren’t looked at for admissions.

5s on Lang, Stat, and Psych and 4s on APUSH, Calc, Bio, and Comp sci. Would it be in my favor to submit these scores to the schools I am applying to??

^^^I got a 2 on physics

Re: undecided. Good chance they’ll see the focus on STEM ECs and other aspects and recognize the predominant STEM interests. Then see the lower AP scores in STEM AP. It may be easy to switch to your true preferred major, once there. But first you need to be admitted.

Plus, the major (or two) is a Common App question. If you put down engineering for Duke and GT, BU will see it.

Writing down “undecided” doesn’t mean they review you in a vacuum.

Adcoms at top holistic colleges do look for AP scores. They may give you the option, but it’s an important data point to them.

And BU is known for not being generous about aid, for all who need it. Did you run the NPC?

You ABSOLUTELY need to report your AP scores. Not sure why your counselor said that they aren’t looked for in college admissions, because they are definitely considered (especially at top universities). And since you have high AP scores (on all but one), it will definitely help to strengthen your application.

You don’t need to send them to any school through college board, though. For admissions, you can just self-report your score through the common app.

@trockim there is no place to self report on common app though…
@lookingforward HOLD ON are you sure that schools can see what major I am applying to in other schools?? If I put engineering for Purdue’s application for example, why on earth would BU get to see it???

Note, I’m revising what I just posted.

As for AP, “You can self report your test scores within the Common Application Testing section including the ACT, SAT/SAT Subject, AP…”

You really do need to check the issue about majors, try it yourself. It gets to adcoms populated from the Common App.

But I’m not sure if the CA takes you to a sub table for each college you list, where you specify. Check it.

Specific majors are under the “questions” section for each specific college, so if you apply to engineering at Purdue, BU will NOT see it.

Hey I will be applying to this school in a few months. I’m scared that my SAT score will prevent me from an acceptance. I am taking the test again tomorrow and I’m hoping for a 1290+. Is it likely for students with this score to get accepted? Especially if they have a gpa of 3.9, extracurricular activities, membership in an honor society groups, and varsity soccer player. I know that my essay will be great *knock on wood * because I am working extremely hard on it and have a very unique approach. Furthermore my biggest concern is my SAT score.
Today at 9:29 pm

It depends…is your GPA 3.9 weighted or unweighted? And is your coursework rigorous with AP classes? Also, what is your highest superscore currently?