Chance Me? (Bowdoin, WashU, UVA, U Richmond, Brown, Dartmouth)

Could you chance me for Bowdoin, WashU, UVA, U Richmond, Brown and Dartmouth? Also feel free to add any schools you think would be a good fit. Undecided major, but I enjoy English, Global Studies or Environmental Studies. Thanks!

ACT: 35 (35 English, 35 Reading, 34 Math, 35 Science)
Literature SAT Subject Test: 740
Unweighted GPA: 3.79
All Honors classes through high school with mostly A/A-
AP Bio, AP French, AP AB Calc this year
VP of Student Congress, president and founder of women empowerment club, Membership chair of Key Club, music leader of a cappella group, violinist

Where are your safeties and matches?

Are you a Virginia resident or applying from out of state?

Assuming out of state, Richmond would probably be a match and all the others are reaches, as they are for pretty much everyone.

I am applying out of state.

Are there more schools on your list?

William and Mary, UVM, Bates, St. Olaf, Wellesley

Profile seems very suited to an LAC. Probably more so than a larger school.

Add Oberlin as a high match and Carleton, Colby, Grinnell, and Macalester as targets.

With the female empowerment club, Oberlin seems to be a good fit since they are one of the more socially conscious of the LACs.