My school does not release GPA/class rank as its very skewed. We are a well-known prep school in the top 20 challenging schools in the United States. ( over 30 percent of the class were accepted into ivies :confused: )
GPA 9: 2.6
GPA 10: 2.72 ---- I had major family/life stuff going on and school was not a priority.
GPA 11: 3.6 (I took 6 classes instead of 5 … academic overload)
GPA 12: (predicted) 3.82

So yes, I know, my grades come off as horrible, which is I struggle figuring out my chances because of the stark difference between beginning of high school /end.

Senior Year Classes:
IB History HL
IB Environmental
Honors Econ
“Senior” English

English: 34
Reading: 30
Science: 27
Math: 26

President of Marine Biology Club --> 10,11,12
President of Green Committee --> 12
Vice President of Outdoors Club --> 12, 11(Exec Board)
Varsity Lacrosse (starting lineup-sophomore year-now) I have received 1st team all state / honorable mentions in both of our divisions since sophomore year.
JV Tennis (my school has the #3 best tennis program in NJ): 9,10,11 (starting lineup all throughout)

Cultural Immersion: Hiked the Himalyan Mountains of India / Homestay / Agra / Delhi

Volunteer: 5hrs/week in my church. A leader of ANTIOCH program where we helped guide 9/10th graders to their confirmation. Taught 1st grade religious education. Both were done starting 11th grade.

9, 10, 11 - Sales Associate Ace Hardware (during summer and weekends)
12 - Starbucks Barista (full time summer, 20 hrs/week so far during this school year)

Your GPA and SAT are really low for BU, and I think last SAT for ED is done. You don’t have much hooks.
If you are really lucky, you’ll be deffered. However, I would just focus on applying to other schools RD, and schools that you are capable of getting into.

Also, additional information:

The BU admissions rep is coming to my school tomorrow so I will be able to introduce myself.
For the past 3 years at my school for BU, the average act / gpa has been 31 / 3.6 for accepted students.
38 total applicants, 18 accepted.