Chance me bucknell university

hi! i’m a white, female, senior from the florida keys and i’m planning on applying to bucknell early decision this year! i’m freaking out about it & i just want to see if there is anything else i should do or if i shouldn’t get my hopes up too high.
my SATs are at a 1270/1600 which falls in the lower end of their averages. while testing isn’t my strongest point(loads of anxiety), my gpa is a 3.96 uw & 4.5 weighted. i’ve taken 6 APs with everything else honors & this year i have 5 DEs and 4 APs. i’m a 4 year varsity lacrosse player and 2 year varsity golfer. i’ve won a lot of awards for lacrosse from all district player of the year to the top scholar athlete. i’m the president of national honor society and a member of mu alpha theta, beta, zonta, interact, executive board, peer mentoring & voted into athletic leadership. my application displays leadership as one of my top qualities as well as dedication and well roundedness (250+ community service hours). i’ve had a part time job all of high school & coach a youth lacrosse team. my letters of recommendation will be solid and my essays should be significantly good considering writing is my strongest subject. i’m really concerned my SAT scores will set me back though. be honest and thank you(:

Your SAT is just above the 25th percentile for Bucknell, which is low but not terrible. Your GPA on the other hand is on the high end, and your ECs are very good. I think you are a solid applicant, especially if you apply ED

I think you have a very good shot, especially since you’re not from the northeast. Good luck!

accepted!!! thank you everyone for your help


Congratulations !!!

As a poster who is familiar with both The Keys & Bucknell University, I think that you will enjoy the change of scenery & of climate.

can you chance me 1420 SAT
UW 3.8
W 4.3
national merit finalist