Chance me - CA -2021

What are my chances?

Currently Senior OoS ( Male)
GPA 3.6 weighted
SAT 1330
Junior year : AP Economics , Honors Physics , Honors US History
Senior year taking now : AP Comp Sci , AP Bio and
Honors Calculus
Mostly A’s and Few B’s no C’s

Our schools doesn’t do UW gpa and no ranking

4 years FTC robotics programming lead ,
Black belt Taekwondo 8 years
Movie making and Singing passion last 5 years
Good amount of community service
Fund raising activities
Town Green town Volunteer for 2 years

What are my chances for Computer science / Computer Engineering or any recommendations
Planning to apply Soon EA , plz advice ?

Two years ago the admitted GPA was reported on CC to be 3.8 unweighted and 1460 SAT with a 28% admit rate. I imagine those have gone up slightly since.

It appears to be a reach. What is your unweighted GPA? 3.6 weighted with honors/AP course but “few Bs, no Cs” is difficult to rationalize.

Agree that your stats are below the admitted class for engineering. It will be a reach.

Engineering metrics are slightly lower than CS, but not much - still a stretch.

How are the stats for BS DataScience ?