Chance me Caltech

White male
Potential major-electrical engineering
Very rural & small midwest High School
Full support letter from varsity coach at Caltech
35 ACT
4.4 weighted
3.95 UW
Class rank-1
Took every AP & dual credit available at my school. AP calc (5), AP W history (5), AP physics (5), AP e lit (5),
AP CS (5)
College Board National Rural & Small Town Recognition Award Winner, National Merit Semi-Finalist, AP Scholar, Academic All State- football, baseball & golf
Varsity football-3 years-captain-2
Varsity baseball 4 years-captain-3
Varsity Golf -4years-captain 1
All State 1st team in all 3 sports
Student counsel-treasurer
Science club-president
FBLA-state qualifier
Have owned/managed a small business since 8th grade-25 hours per week
Give athletic lessons 4 hours per week-volunteer
Tutor disadvantaged youth in math 3 hours per week-volunteer

What did the coach say your chances were?

The coach said I definitely meet the requirements, but doesn’t speculate what my chances are. They have accepted worse and turned down better. I’m trying to get an idea how much weight the sport will carry. Caltech is my number one choice, but I have four other opportunities in the Ivy League that said I will be accepted and I will play the same sport there.