Chance Me Carleton College ED 2

Chance Me Carleton College ED 2

Hi! I have applied for ED 2. I feel like I have done a lot and have a good shot, but I am super nervous that I did something wrong, and I was wondering if anyone could give me my chances of getting into Carleton College.

State: New Mexico

White female

GPA: UW 4.0 W 4.55

Class rank: 2/308

I didn’t submit ACT/SAT

AP Test: 1 five, and three fours

Major: Chemistry, Physics or Political Science

Bilingual and can speak Spanish.

I took five honor classes and have completed 6 AP classes. I am taking another 6 AP classes this year.

8th Grade- AP Spanish
9th- Honors Geometry + Honors English
10th- AP World + Honors Algebra 2 + Honors English
11th- AP Chem, APUSH, AP Lang, AP Calc AB
12th- AP Psychology, AP Literature, AP Stats, AP Physics, AP Gov/Econ, AP Studio Art

(I got accepted into Macalester, Bard, and The College of Wooster EA all with scholarships!)


  • Student Board Member at Albuquerque Public Schools Education Foundation (Fundraising organization, grant funds to innovative projects in public schools. I am part of the disbursement committee, so I help choose where these funds go!)
  • With this foundation and in collaboration with college and career counselors, I also organized first-generation college workshops for students in public schools.
  • Law Internship over the summer
  • Blogging leader for Women in Politics group
  • French Club President (10) VP (11-12)
  • Stem club
  • Key club
  • AP Ambassador ( help raise funds for AP Exams + mentor students in AP Classes
  • Art ( my art was selected out of 140+ pieces and shown in a local gallery featuring high schoolers’ work involved all four years of high school in art. My art was featured in the yearbook and demonstrated in our school’s art show)
  • Etc


NM Governor’s STEM Challenge Winner
Scholastic Art Silver Key
2 Scholastic Art Honorable Mention
AP Scholar with Distinction
Academic Excellence Award

Strong Recs from math teacher ( I had her sophomore year, was a student aid for her 11, and I am one of her favorite students!!), English teacher from 11th and my Art Teacher, who I had for three years.

Common App essay about how I officially became a nerd. For the supplementals, I wrote about the community in New Mexico and how its diversity taught me a lot, and I wrote a why Carleton essay.

I had an interview that I think went decent ( It lasted a full hour which I think is a good sign?), and I had a tour at Carleton twice.

I also submitted a portfolio with eight pieces of art and wrote an art personal statement. Most of the art were from my AP art portfolio that deals with how environmental and social issues impact mythical creatures ( Unicorn taxidermy, a lady wearing werewolf fur, a mermaid with trash around her, yeti + climate change, etc.) I am nervous that I shouldn’t have submitted a portfolio if they don’t like my art. I am worried that it could negatively affect me.

Downfalls- I got accepted into Macalester, Bard, and Wooster with a different Common App essay. I decided to rewrite it to make it more personal and meaningful, and I am nervous that my new essay isn’t as good as the other one that got me accepted into those places. I only took French for three years; I had to drop it this year due to my heavy workload. I feel like my essays are not good. I am good at art and have won some awards, but I am scared that if the faculty doesn’t like my art, it could take away from the prizes I won. I applied for financial aid.

Sorry this is such a long ramble, but I am freaking out!! I can’t see myself anywhere else but Carleton.

Thank you to anyone who responds!

Wow - very impressive - congrats to you.

So - a few things. You got into Mac with a scholarship - that’s impressive. Wooster and Bard too but Mac is the “closest” to Carleton -so that’s a good sign. Because there is no merit aid there, make sure you run the net price calculator before ED’ing to ensure you can afford it. If you’re not sure, don’t apply ED.

Coming from NM will be a big boost as they consider geographic residency. They have “50 states” but only one entrant from NM last year. It’s hard to tell if test optional hurts but 50% or so submit a test per the CDS.

As for interest, they don’t track use it in admissions per the Common Data Set. But if they did, nothing says interest like ED.

In regards to language, you have the two years they recommend…so good there.

So I think you have a very good chance!!! You are concerned with your essay - but you said you made it more personal and meaningful. So that sounds like a winner to me. Did it tell them something that wasn’t told in other parts of the essay?

So a couple things:

  1. Never fall in love with any school. You know why, you may not get in or you may get in and can’t afford. And many students each year transfer after getting into their dream school. You could have a bad roomie or a prof you don’t understand. No where is perfect and I promise you there are many schools out there where you could attend and have a wonderful experience. Mac is interesting to me - different than the other three as it’s in the city area…but it’s a wonderful school and you can have a great experience there, similarly to Bard and Wooster. So breathe deep.

You’ve done everything you can - and that’s all you can do. Question though - if it’s your “dream” - then why didn’t you apply ED1 or where did you apply ED1 - or maybe nowhere?

I would be sure you can afford it before applying ED. But I think you have a strong chance - even RD.

Love the schools that love you - and if one doesn’t love you, move on- you’ll be great at so many colleges. You have a ton to contribute.

Good luck.

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Hi, thank you for responding
I didn’t apply ED 1 anywhere, only EA to Macalester, Bard and Wooster. Carleton was always in my top 2, but I was nervous to apply ED 1. But after I visited it over winter break and my interview, I decided that it is truly the place for me. I applied ED 2 to Carleton. Me and my family did the Net price calculator and decided that we could afford it before I applied.

My first essay was about how I order red and green chile known as “Christmas on the Side” in New Mexico and used this as a metaphor for my love for both English and STEM. My old essay was well written but mostly just talked about academics and didn’t feel very personal to me. My new essay is more personal and a bit humorous and I feel like it shows my personality more. The people who read my essay said they liked it better, which is good, but I am still scared. I am regretting my decision and kinda wished I submitted my other essay. My new essay is about how I officially became a nerd. It talks a lot about me joining STEM club and how I found an amazing group of people there who I connected with but how at first I was timid to join due to the definition of a nerd.
I wrote about New Mexico in my supplemental though, so they still get to see my New Mexican side.

Don’t be nervous. You went with your gut and it’s fine. You have options. Like I said there’s many fine colleges out there and I promise you can be successful at more than one.


What happened? My son is at CC. But Macalester is a great school. Good luck!

Hi, I got in during the Early Decision 2 round!!


Congrats to you. Buy a warm jacket :slight_smile: have a great four years!!!

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