Chance Me Carleton College ED1

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could give me my brief changes of getting into Carleton College! I’m applying ED1 and my stats are belows.

State: MN
GPA: UW 4.0 W 4.174
ACT: 33
Major: Biology/PreMed
Track/cross country recruit but I hear they can’t do much about admissions chances…

No APs offerred but took/taking 9 dual enrollment courses
Had an interview that went well

Track and Field (captain)
Cross Country (captain)
Basketball (captain)
Choir (treasurer)
Customer service job (24 hours/week)
Pollinator garden restoration project
Theatre (lead roles)
Student Council

Common App essay about hair loss, quirky supplementals
Strong letters of rec (bio teacher that loves me track coach/English teacher)

I would aporiciate all honest feedback! My downfalls are class rank of 4/100 and I only have 2 years of spanish (9/10). I did an early read for athletics and was a highly likely admit but that was with spanish on my schedule senior year (couldn’t fit with calculus) and class rank 1 (classmates got online classes weighted unexpectedly). Thanks so much to anyone who replies!

Based on what you have posted, you will get in. Try to act surprised.

Based on the fact I just saw I misspelled “appreciate,” I am surprised ?

That seems to have been a typo, not a misspelling as such, @audge50. Best of luck to you!

I wouldn’t fret too much about your class rank; I got in RD, and I was ranked 33/480. You’ve got a really good shot based on your stats, I’m hoping you get in

My daughter is also applying ED to Carleton and is a cross country recruit. After she got a likely back on her pre-read, she asked the coach what percentage of applicants with a likely pre-read for the cross country team get admitted. The coach’s response: she couldn’t remember any applicants with likely pre-reads who did not get in!

So, the odds are with you! Good luck to you. It seems like such a wonderful school.

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If you are full pay you will have a good chance to get in. If you need a lot of aid then less so.

I thought they were need blind? Or is this not something really practiced by colleges? I don’t mean to sound ignorant I truly just thought they wouldn’t look at that haha

That’s pretty awesome news @abcabcollege Thank you!

This New York Times article discusses the vagaries of need-blind versus need-aware admission: Since many colleges of Carleton’s type appear to be need-aware, Carleton may be as well.

My son also applied ED to Carleton and is a baseball recruit. He got a “Likely” on his pre-read as well. We are from the state of WA. My son has a GPA: UW (3.96) & Weighted of 4.2; ACT was 35/26; Major: Biology/PreMed. He played Varsity Tennis as well as Varsity Baseball. He took 3 AP courses (Biology, CS & Calculus AB) and got 5/5 on them. He is also taking 3 AP courses his senior year. He goes to a Private School where all the kids are top notch academics and I am sure he is probably 4-5/60 in his class. My son didn’t want to interview as he is been super busy and we had already visited Carleton and met with the Baseball coach in early October. My son fell in love with Carleton and we like it too. Fingers Crossed. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance…

My son has been “accepted”. I hope all the ED applicants on this thread got the good news as well. The ED1 results are available on the Admissions status page as of 8 PM (CST) today (12/10). Go Knights !!!

Have you get in on ED1?

Happy to say yes, I was accepted!



I am in same situation for soccer so spunds like I should not worry?