Chance Me- CC student applying to top schools

Hello! So I’m a current cc student in Illinois, and I’ve always had Cornell, USC, and Hopkins as schools I might want to attempt go to. but I didn’t really know if I had that much of a chance at getting in due to my (very poor) high school GPA and test scores. Ended my senior year with a 2.0, and scored at 980 on the SAT, these due to personal issues. I managed to graduate a semester early of high school fortunately, and ended up getting a head start. I am going to be starting my third semester at a community college.
Afro-latino First gen.
Intended Major: Political Science
Highschool GPA: 2.0
College GPA:3.9
SAT: 980 (doesn’t really matter since I’m not submitting)
•Dean’s List
•PTK member
•Part of community college student senate
•Chair of scholarship committee at my CC
•Student rep for curriculum council
•Involvement in campaigns, phone banking, voter registration help.
•part of 2 honors societies within my school
•organized fundraising for a student ran scholarship

I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to increase my chances of actually getting accepted into these colleges, or if I have a solid shot already! also if you have places that i should look into that I have a good chance of getting into, please let me know! :slight_smile: thank you.

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Here is University of Southern California’s transfer student profile (includes prior college GPA):

Here is Cornell’s transfer student profile (less useful, since it does not include prior college GPA):

Thank you so much!!