Chance me! Chance back guaranteed, and I'll be your bud. I swear.

<p>GPA: 3.50 (3.750 weighted)
ACT: 32 (34E, 34M, 30S, 29S)
SAT: 2110 (680 CR, 740 M, 690 W)
tons of EC's</p>

<p>Also, I already have a nomination</p>

<p>Do they still require a letter of recommendation from a state representative?</p>

<p>Are you a racial minority? What state are you from? How many cadets does you Congressman have at the academy right now? Who is your congressman?</p>

<p>yes i'm a racial minority. I'm Indian (from india), and i'm applying from kentucky, which i'm guessing isn't that competetive. </p>

<p>yes they require it</p>

<p>and i'm not sure about the details of how many cadets my congressman already has at an academy and all, but i do know that i have secured a nomination from him (john yarmuth).</p>

<p>your chances seem solid based on what you've given but I have to ask: what are your leadership positions? The breakdown is 60% academics, 30% extracurricular, and 10% physical... and did you pass DODMERB and the CFA yet?</p>

<p>I'm an officer of several clubs, and I did a leadership volunteer program last summer. and if it helps, I'm the co-captain of the frisbee team.</p>

<p>I'm dodmerb qualified, and my cfa went pretty well, i got slightly below average on shuttle run, BBall throw, and mile (all only slightly below average), but i got WAY above average on pullups(max is 18, i got 16), sit ups(max is 95, i got 92), and pushups (which i maxed out, 75)</p>

<p>do you do any sports? have you earned varsity letters? they look at that a lot when you apply</p>

<p>A nomination is wonderful, but no guarantee. A congressman is allowed to nominate 10 applicants for every position he has a available to him at each of the academies. If he does not designate, the 10 are judged on a competitive basis (most congress members sublit names for competitive review) A recruiter I spoke with told me that class rank is extremly important. I also know that even if you are a varsity athlete USMA is looking for athletes who have qualified for regional or state honors. Good luck! We went through this process a year ago.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm not too huge on sports :(
I've been rowing and powerlifting for a year (both organized), which i mentioned on my app. But I've been active on the frisbee team for 4 years, and have been a captain for 3 of the years. But I'm not active in more important sports, like football or soccer or anything. That is one of my weak points, but as displayed in my CFA, I'm still more fit than most entering freshmen.</p>