Chance me - Choate, Concord, Deerfield, Andover, Exeter

Hi everyone, I’m applying to ninth grade for 2023 fall and was just wondering if I had a chance of getting in. I am Black, Female and a rising 8th grader.

SSAT - Haven’t taken it for this application season yet but in the past I have scored around the 96th percentile ( don’t remember the specific placing in each category).

GPA - 6th and 7th grade had all As except in my advanced courses ( language and math ) in which I had B+

EC’s -
Theatre - I have been doing drama for five years and I have written and preformed in multiple plays

Dance - I have been doing dance for about 4 years ( since first grade but paused for sixth because of Covid ). I have preformed in multiple school showcases

Environmental club - Started last year and every other Wednesday we would preform maintenance on our school’s garden ( mulching, planting, harvesting) and at the end all of the food was donated to the Atlanta Food Bank

Debate - Also started last year and placed 5th out of 50 participants for solo speaking in the Atlanta Urban Debate league competition

Book club - I have been part of a student led book club for about three years.


Highest Academic Distinction - In recognition for achieving a grade average of 95% with no grade below 90%.

3 time Odyssey of the Mind World Finalist - Placed in the top two during the regional and state Odyssey of the mind competitions allowing me to compete internationally placing 4th, 6th, 3rd respectively.

Girl Scout Bronze Star - In recognition of the renovation of a nature preserve garden I completed with my troop.

2nd Place Nat Geo Bee in my school

2nd place GMA - Held the second highest score on a school-wide math competition

I’m pretty sure I’ll have good letters of recommendation because I know mostly all of the teachers I need them from pretty well. I am a little nervous on how interviewing will go but hopefully well and I feel pretty strongly about my essays

Thank you in advance everyone !

Yes, you likely have an excellent chance. Would be a good idea to continue honing your debate & speaking skills and target schools with strong debate programs.

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I’d say your chances are very strong to get into many of them!

I would sit down and think about how much academic work you want at school—from other college confidential posts, your list includes schools known for 3-4 hours, every night, of homework. If you can’t visit beforehand, which would help you visualize the work amount, then at least apply to a range of schools.

If you like academics and this type of grind, awesome. But I know schools like Taft, Mercersburg, St. Andrews aren’t so easy academically but offer solid dance and theater programs as well.

Also, if you care about debate and environmental issues/agriculture, you really should consider Hotchkiss. The debate team wins tons of awards and the campus includes an actual farm.