Chance me? (Class of 2024)

Hi everyone,
just curious if you could “chance me.” I’ve never done this and i’m very curious to see about UNH as it is a school I plan on visiting and applying to.

UW GPA is a 3.61 as of right now, not really sure about my weighted GPA though. I’m currently in AP/Honours classes for the majority (3 AP and 2 honours) downside is I only took 1 honours class last year and 1 AP class (AP World)

I’m also involved with FBLA and NHS but do plan on joining more clubs.

I haven’t taken the ACT yet but I am taking it next Saturday.

My main concern is that I live out of state in Missouri. I feel like those would possibly ruin my chances, but i’m not completely sure.


I think your out of state status will help your chances! UNH loves to add to their geographic diversity and your out of state tuition dollars are very welcome too. I think your stats put you in a good position for acceptance. Good luck on your ACT. UNH is a beautiful and vibrant campus. It’s a good size without being enormous. You’ll love it!