Chance me- Classics Major

Hi everyone! I wanted to ask for my chances to get in as a Classics Major.
I’m from Wisconsin, went to a public school, have a 3.25 gpa and 27 act, 4 aps, 5 honors classes, community service hours, two sports, and tutoring and work experience. I was also in a mass shooting which I wrote about in my supplemental essay. Thank you everyone for replying! Hopefully see you next year.

For Classical Studies - as they call it.

I’m going to say no. The reason I say so is simply based on reported #s of a mid 50% of 3.5 - 3.9 and so you are decently beneath. Your ACT is in range though.

If you’re not looking at a UW branch school, you might add consider Iowa, Ohio U, Mizzou, and WVU as additional similar schools yet better odds.

Good luck.

It will be a reach because GPA is very important to admission and you are OOS. Shoot your shot though and good luck!

No idea about chances, but U of Cincinnati has a particularly strong Classics department that could be worth an application. Pitt also. For a smaller school, look at Kalamazoo College.