Chance Me?? Clemson University

Hello!!! I’m a rising senior about to apply to college and my dream school is Clemson University… Chance Me???

• 10 Extra Curriculars
• 3 AP classes
• 5 Honors classes
• 26% of class
• 4.299 GPA
• 26 on ACT (but retaking soon)
• First gen. college student
• Planning to major in Biological Sciences
• In state student

If you can raise your ACT, I feel like you would have a good shot. The only other thing that raises a red flag is 10 extra curriculars…that seems like a lot. From what I’ve heard, colleges would rather see you focus on/have leadership roles in a few extra curriculars than you dabbling in a bunch.

Good luck applying!

thank you so much!! most of the 10 extra curriculars include awards received throughout HS, my summer jobs, and about 4 different clubs so it’s not technically all ECs but i just listed them as so!

Clemson doesn’t really look at extracurriculars. It’s about GPA, Class rank, course rigor and major. Call the Biological Science department as ask the statistics of their admitted students for last year. then you’ll be able to see how your stats measure up.