Chance Me - Clemson

Hey Y’all I am a rising Junior at a top 10 NY Highschool. Here r my stats

PSAT(Didn’t take SAT yet, but assumed to keep similar scores) - 1460(760 M - perfect score 700 R)/1520

GPA - 3.65 UW(All honors classes and above, but school does not weigh)

One issue - I got a B-/B in my freshman math class, but I got an A+ sophmore year. Idk how much that will hurt me.

Intended Major - Engineering

School Limits AP Classes
Junior Year - AP CHEM
Senor Year(intended classes) - AP CALC BC(or AB), AP PHYSICS C, AP STATS(or Comp Sci)

Keep it up man and you have got it in the bag coming from an in-state student(they very well could have bridged me) who was not on your level in high school.