CHANCE ME: CoE, 2021 EA, Freshman, 3.89, 33

In-state Asian male

GPA: UW: 3.89/4.00 W: 4.04/5.00

Rigorous classes: 5 APs: AP World, AP Calc/AB, AP Chem, AP CSP, APUSH

AP Scores: AP World(4), AP Calc/AB(4), AP Chem(4), AP CSP(4), APUSH(5)

AP by year: AP World 10 and rest 11
Level of Rigor compared to peers(1-5): 4

In-state or out of state: In-state

Senior year schedule: Honors Physics, AP Bio, AP Govt, Guided Study, AP Calc/BC, AP Lit

ACT: 33 Composite 35 E 35 M 34 R 29 Sci

School: Excellent Public school

Family: Middle-class in fringe rural setting


Varsity Cross Country 9-11

Varsity Track and Field 9-10

Off-season running training 9-11

Varsity Swimming 9

Volunteering club at school 9-11(5Ks, soup kitchen, clean ups, mainly service etc)

Solar Car Club 9

Mentoring elementary kids 9

USNA Summer Stem Program 11

Government-sponsored cultural exchange program China 9


NHS 11

League Conference All-Academic Award 9, 10, 11

AP Scholar with Distinction 11

National Merit Commended Scholar

Rural and Small Town Scholar

School applying to: College of Engineering

Intended Major: CS

*No Counselor or teacher recs, essays not finalized

So it looks good especially instate but now I am going to be critical. First off Michigan takes only unweighted. Why no AP physics c? Any programming classes at school or related?

Michigan only takes absolute values of grades right(No +/-) right
School does not offer AP Physics; School only offers Honors Physics, which is more directly aligned to AP Physics 1 anyways.
No specific programming classes. There is only AP CSP which I took last year and AP CSA

Yes. Then you are competitive