Chance Me---Colgate University ED 2021

I am applying ED to Colgate University this year.
4.02 Weighted GPA
3.87 Unweighted GPA
Not sending scores
No class rank

Course Load
Freshman: Pre-AP World History, Honors English, Honors Earth Science, Regents Algebra 1, Spanish 2, Intro to Engineering, Concert Band

Sophmore: AP World, Honors Chem, Honors English, Regents Geometry, Principles of Engineering, Spanish 3, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Health

Junior: APUSH, Regents English, AP Physics 1, Algebra 2 Honors, Pre-AP Spanish 4, Aerospace Engineering

Senior: AP US Govt/Politics, Senior English Studies, AP Biology, Pre-Calculus H, Spanish V, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Economics

Spanish, Math, and English Honor Society
Girl Scouts Bronze and Silver award
Tennis—11th and 12th grade
Indoor Track-- 9th and 10th grade
Bronze Presidential Award
Service and Citizenship Award
Volunteered at Library

I also did 2 interviews: One with the Assistant Dean of Admission, another with alumni. Finally, I will be submitting their 3 optional writing supplements.

Also requesting financial aid

Not gonna lie, you’d better apply to somewhere else. Your application looks below-average, and with no test score… Try somewhere else.

go for ED1. That will boost your chances.

forgot to mention that for my school AP weight is worth 0.5 and honors weight is 0.25. An A+ = 4.33 A=4.0 and A- = 3.67 and so on

It appears you have completed three AP courses. Have you taken the AP exam for any of those?

I think you have a shot! Have you received a decision yet?

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Anyone who is planning on applying to Colgate or already got in - there’s a pretty fun discord going : https://discord.g g/59TAjTVvBF (no spaces) where all applicants are welcome <3

What is a pre-AP course worth? Surely they don’t give full AP weighting to a pre-AP because isn’t that just normal Honors Spanish, for example? We don’t have pre-AP here. We’re committed like the pig is to breakfast.

Also, the one challenge you do have is that you’re behind many students competing for these top schools in terms of math. Algebra I in 9th grade puts you behind many students who did it in middle school and are now working on Algebra II or Geometry.

Did you get bored with track and switch to tennis? You may want to talk about something you’re passionate about that is not coming through in these bullets. Is it the library? A hobby at home? Baking? Who knows? This seems adequate for other schools; Colgate may not be that school.
Also, where is the sign that Colgate is your ride or die?

I think have a shot. What is your intended major?

Why Colgate? What attracts you to Colgate? Have you looked at schools like U Richmond, Kenyon, and Bryn Mawr?

Update: I got deferred and then accepted

Yes! I got deferred and then accepted