Chance me Columbia ED class of 2025! Pls!

I’m your pretty standard stressed out high school senior that’s trying to decide if ED at Columbia is the best way to go. Some info is gonna be redacted just for privacy reasons but I think I’ve left enough for it to make sense. (sorry if this is really long)

GPA: 3.99 unweighted, 4.2 weighted (would’ve been higher but my school went pass/fail bc corona)
Class Rank: N/A but if I had to approximate I’d say top 10
ACT: 35 composite (36 on math, 35 on everything else)
SAT: kinda bad, not submitting (worth mentioning I got a full score on the PSAT tho)
SAT II: Math II (score still pending)
AP: APUSH (5), Chinese (5), Calc BC (5),Micro (5), Macro
(5), Physics C: E&M(5), Physics C: Mech (4), Lang (4), GOPO (4)
Senior Year Course Load: AP CSP,AP Biology, AP Lit, AP Statistics, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Linear Programming with Elementary Functions, Introduction to Differential Equations (last 4 are dual enrollment)

School Type: Public (basically top 5 public schools in state not counting charter schools)

-PVSA (bronze in 10th and gold in 11th), cumulatively 400+ volunteer hours
-National Merit Semifinalist (full score and all that)
-DECA international qualifier & 2-time state finalist
-Scholastics Art & Writing Awards (gold and silver keys for writing -regional)
-International Youth Art and Technology Competition, “Salute to the Masters” Essay Contest, Silver Prize

Extracurricular/ Service:
1.non-profit Youth Leadership Committee (10th grade –
present) (President): created even to promote youth entrepreneurship in the area, attracted 1,000+ people, created workshops in conjunction with large city that’s nearby’s Public Library to provide quality STEM education to underprivileged students of team that branches off of previous non-profit (11th-present)(Editor-In-Chief): created website in response to COVID-19, posted 100+ weekly articles, attained
25k+ views as of Sept., led a team of 18 student volunteers, also offered free live virtual seminars, avg. 100 viewers
3.organized face mask donation: managed team of 20 to deliver 2,000+ masks door-to-door in my area & donated extra to food bank, promoted by 3 govt. officials (11th grade)
4. School’s DECA Chapter (10th-present)(VP of Community Service)
5. Co-founder of Startup company currently prototyping a product to avert car crashes
6. Writer/Illustrator: the scholastics stuff I mentioned earlier & I illustrated a self-published magazine that’ll be sold in the bay area in 2021
7. JV Tennis (9th-present)(Captain)
8. Robotics Team (11th-present)(member of business planning subteam)
9. Science Olympiad (10th-present): no awards lmao
10. NHS Member

Summer Programs:
-did a service trip to china
-attended LaunchX

Demographic info: East Asian Female, upper-middle class
State: MI

Intended major: econ

I appreciate any help I can get!!