Chance me Columbia University ED Class of 2025

Hey y’all, can you take a look at my stats and lmk if I can get into Columbia ED? Thanks!

SAT/ACT → Going to take a 3rd time, but superscore 1480 (750 math, 730 English)

Subject tests → Math II (not yet), Bio 760, Chem 780

GPA → 3.7(UW), 5.17(W)

Teacher Recs → Chem and Math teacher, they both loved me, I participated in class a lot so they have a lot of stories about me, idk about Counselor

APs (Jr year) → CSAP (4), WHAP (5), AP Lang (5), AP Physics 1 (4)
APs (Sr Year) → AP Literature and Composition, AP Psychology (self study, not class), AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Spanish Language and Composition, AP Calc AB (gonna take BC test tho)


  1. Columbia SHP
  2. Alzheimer’s Research at Columbia University’s Taub Institute
  3. Allergy Awareness Club Committee Head
  4. Student Council Executive Board
  5. Badminton, have won a few tournaments
  6. NHS, Science Honors Society (prob a few more later on)
  7. Continuing Medical Education Presenter
  8. Kumon Teacher
  9. Key Club Latchkey Volunteer
  10. Volunteered at JFK Hospital

Awards: I don’t really have anything here, idk if it is very important


Common App Essay: prob 8-9, but I’m still working on it. Talking about why I did the research, how I innovated an idea and presented it to judges, top 20 finalists in entire state, passionate about Alzheimer’s, how I will continue to work on this solution, etc.

Why Columbia: need a little help here, any current students willing to lmk underrated and other facts that only students know about?

Intended Major: Comp Sci.

School Type → competitive, public

State: NJ

Ethnicity and Gender: Indian, female