Chance Me!/Complication

<p>So, I transferred from a new high school in January 2010, and was unable to get transfer credits because my previous high school worked on a block schedule that didn't give half credits for half semesters, thus leaving me without any grades for my first semester junior year. Thing is, I transferred in November, but my counselor wouldn't cooperate with me to design the hardest schedule, basing it on perceived prejudices because I'm Latino. While she didn't explicitly say this, it was obvious, so I contacted a Latino defense fund. Eventually, I got somewhat of the schedule I wanted.
But now, am I screwed? I'm taking the classes online to make the credits up. If I don't finish them by December, it'll just say "No Credit Intended"
What do you guys think? </p>

<p>Here are my stats anyway:
4 High Schools, One semester abroad in Peru, low-income, Unstable family, complicated life story...(I don't feel comfortable talking about it here)</p>

<p>Latino/Hispanic (Peru)
GPA: 3.83-3.86 (not so sure) Unweighted (UW)
IB Diploma Candidate
5 B'S but they're all 88 or 89s, basically all a's
SAT: Took a mock one, got a 1900, I know, I need a 2100
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Columbia.
EC'S: Volunteer soon to be intern with gay youth center, started and presided over Latino Student Union at my old school , Gay Straight Alliance president at old school, heavily involved with the cello - principal of city honors orchestra in old city, traveled a lot to peru, lived in peru - helped form my cultural awareness, etc. Model UN, Tutoring to impoverished Latino and Black students this year in the city (urban big city) .
I haven't been able to go as much into depth as I would have hoped because I move around a lot.
Participated in free and highly selective "Dartmouth Bound" Program.
Good recs, as deep as they can be considering they've known me for semesters. </p>