Chance Me?.. Cornell, Boston U, BC, UNC, Penn, Miami

<p>Very low average, 93ish. Around top 15 percent in midsized public school. I've taken thre most rigorous possible course load.</p>

<p>I've taken SATs twice with no preparation, should I take again?
2280 the first time, then 2330 (780, 800, 750)</p>

Model U.N. (8-11), president
Stock Market Club (10-11)
Ping Pong Club (10-11)
School Newspaper (10-11)
Varsity Lacrosse (10-11)
Tutoring Underprivileged youth (10-11)
Town Youth Government (8-11)
Make a Wish foundation volunteer (9-11)
Town Drug Abuse Resistance Committee (10-11)
Youth Police Corps (10-11)
Writer for local newspaper (10-11)</p>

<p>Not sure where I stand against other applicants, please help? I'll chance back</p>

<p>Ahhhhh help</p>

<p>Bump p p ppl p</p>


<p>oh never mind... I see it now </p>

<p>Id say ---> 80% chance at BU and Miami, 70% chance at BC, 55% UNC, 50% cornell, 35% Penn</p>

<p>Only 80 at bu? I'm far above all stats</p>

<p>Good test scores, but with a weak GPA and only decent ECs, Penn and Cornell will be reaches. If you ED to Cornell, and if you do well on SAT 2s or ACTs (or somehow develop your clubs even more), you'd have a shot. The other schools you listed are safeties.</p>

<p>ALso started local branch of an organization that aids north Korean refugees if that helps</p>

<p>I have a 750 on lit sat 2 and a 760 on US History</p>

<p>93 is not a "very low average" for the hardest course load possible. No need to retake the SAT--it's great. ECs, though, are average. Cornell is probably a reach, BC is a match, BU is a safety, UNC (I assume you mean the Chapel Hill campus) is a match bordering on a slight reach, Penn is a reach, and Miami is a safety bordering on a match.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input</p>

<p>What about schools like villanova, georgetown, Lafayette? I have a brother at harvard but I'm sure that's still a crazy reach</p>

<p>easily in at all but Cornell, Penn, and UNC. UNC is prolly a bit tenuous, Penn and Cornell are rather unlikely.</p>


<p>Also Binghamton and the other higher level sunys?</p>

<p>Villanova--match bordering on safety

<p>I don't know Laftayette.</p>

<p>I think you're in at Cornell because for the SAT they do CR+M and your CR+M is a 1580 which is phenomenal; really, it's almost a safety for you with that score. I would just apply there RD since you have such a good chance and apply to Penn ED so that you would maximize your chances.</p>

<p>Holy Cross and Bucknell are similar to BC, Villanova.</p>

<p>I also have a 770 writing from my first SAT. Idk if that helps or not</p>

<p>Penn accepts about 3% who were not in the top 10% of their high school class. Those students have real hooks such as recruited athlete, or better, URM recruited impact athlete. Cornell CAS takes a few more but not many, other schools at Cornell can be easier.</p>