Chance Me? CSOB

<p>Chances of getting in?
Business School
GPA: 4.04 (Took 3 AP classes and an Honors Course Total). Unweighted GPA is a 4.0 (Taking 2 AP and 1 Honors Course senior year)
SAT: Math 720, CR 590 Writing 650
SAT 2: Math Level 2: 650 Physics: 550
Class Rank: 21/309… in top 10%
Played Lacrosse all four years of HS
NHS and Spanish NHS
VP of Green Club, also in FBLA Club and Robotics Club
Had a job for a year at a physical therapy center
Math and Science League
Have volunteer work for Youth Lacrosse Program, Habitat for Humanity, and a soup kitchen
Out of State (NJ), Public School, and Caucasian</p>


<p>Well BC considers rigor a really important factor and it looks like you have very little course rigor...</p>