Chance me? CSU Long Beach

<p>Hello, I am a junior at one of the best schools in my city (LA). Even so, our school's math department is remedial and has a very low percentage of students who pass. This is how my grades look like:</p>

<p>AP Spanish Lang - A
AP English Lang - B
AP Human Geography - A
AP US History - A
Reg. Chemistry - A
Pre-Calculus - F (41%)
Water Polo - A</p>

<p>Does the F in math look bad?? I mean, I was born in Mexico (DREAMER), play water polo in school, live in "poverty", first generation student, 120 community service hours + an internship, immigrant rights activist. I even got a 5 in the AP world exam when I was in 10th grade and my freshmen and sophomore gpa's are really high. (3.8)</p>

<p>Will this F basically impede me from going to a four year? My dream schools are: CSU Long Beach, Northridge and UC Santa Cruz. What can I do to avoid any further complications?</p>

<p>BTW I am certainly going to fail like 100% sure </p>

<p>Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!!</p>

For a UC an F is bad, even a D is frowned upon. I’m not even sure what’s worst either getting a 1500 on the SAT or receiving and F or D in a class?

You need to retake the Pre-Calc class and replace that “F”. This will definitely affect your chances at any UC or competitive Cal state. UC’s and Cal States only use 10-11th grades for their UC/CSU GPA calculation and by having an F, you may not meet the a-g course requirements by the UC’s and CSU’s and your application will not be considered next year. Speak with GC and take care of this immediately. If you are unable to get a C or higher next semester, your only option is to retake the class.

Here is the CSU vs UC course matrix along with grade validation.