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I am a transfer student from a California community college in the Bay Area! I am studying psychology and applying for my ADT in psychology - so my GPA will be a 3.55 by the end of the semester which I’m applying with and the ADT will bump my GPA to a 3.65. What are my chances at these CSU’s?

Long Beach (top choice)
Channel Islands
San Jose
San Francisco


Campus Campus Impaction Psychology Major Impaction Notes
Long Beach Yes Yes See Transfer Admission Eligibility | California State University, Long Beach
Fullerton Yes Yes See Transfer Eligibility Requirements - Office of Admissions | CSUF
Northridge Yes Yes Last year transfer GPA thresholds:
Channel Islands No No
San Jose Yes Yes Last year transfer GPA thresholds: Transfer Impaction Results | Admissions
San Francisco No Yes See Impaction | Admitted Students

Impaction means that the admission threshold (GPA and/or course requirements) is higher than that required for minimum CSU eligibility, and may be competitively determined.

At SJSU, you can use Behavioral Science as an alternate major - the psych AA-T also articulates with this major (which combines psych, sociology, and anthro, with a concentration in one of the three) and the threshold is much much lower. However, if you have all of your prereqs you should be okay for psych, especially if you get the GPA bump for being in the local area.

You have gotten some good advice and @ucbalumnus has given you some great information.

For CSULB, based on Transfer GPA admission stats for 2020 (2021 not listed), the average Transfer GPA for admitted Psychology transfers was a 3.53 so your 3.65 ADT bumped GPA puts you in a good position.

Best of luck.

Local area information:

San Francisco: State of California is the local area.

San Jose: “Additional preference was given to local applicants through a .25 GPA increase for those applicants who earned the majority of their transferable units at the time of application from a Santa Clara or Santa Cruz county college.” Transfer Impaction Results | Admissions

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