Chance me? :D

<p>Rank: 7 of 396 (Top 2%)
GPA 4.531 (W) 4.0 (UW)
ACT: 32
AP Scores: Biology 5, English Lang & Comp 5, US Gov & Politics 4, US History 4
Senior Schedule: STEM Bodies (weighted 3 AP credits - its like a biomedical science/human anatomy/research program), Photography, Ceramics, and AP Calculus. I'm also taking Ohio State Biology 113, 114, and 299 at the university.
ECs: 4 years tennis (3 varsity), 2 years soccer, helped found schools first debate club, NHS, 8th grade mentor, Invisible Children, Key Club.
Work: 2 jobs - Abercrombie & Fitch as well as a local country club
All Honors and AP courses throughout high school except for one or two classes like art and gym.
I've gotten a crap ton of math awards from school even though my mathII sat score is terrible lol.
I'm applying RD do you think I stand a decent chance?</p>

<p>based on those stats i would say you have a very good chance</p>

<p>I'd say more like an average chance.</p>

<p>Im applying to Vanderbilt early decision ii (Peabody)
Top 10 percent of my grade with a weighted gap of 4.55
Ap scholar with honors
National honor society
National English honor society
National art honor society</p>

<p>Sat: 660 cr. 650 math. 710 writing ( know they are kind of low for Vanderbilt)
Sat ii 720 us history
Have taken ap language and composition 4 ap us history 4 ap biology 3 and ap art history 3:</p>

<p>I also did an interview with an alumni and have contacted my application reader.
Also having somebody who graduated Peabody to write me a recommendation letter
As a senior I'm taking ap Spanish, ap calculus, ap government, and ap literature</p>

<p>Chance me please!!!!!</p>