Chance Me :D

Thanks for the time!
Most of the stuff here is final or 98% expected!
Chance me for Ivy League??</p>

<p>SAT scores: 2380
PSAT: 220
SAT 2: 800 Korean w/ Listening, 800 Math 2, 780 USH, 780 Latin, 780 Physics</p>

<p>Schedule: </p>

<p>9th grade:
Latin 2
Spanish 2
AP Statistics
Honors Biology
AP Human Geography
Honors Literature</p>

<p>10th grade:
Honors Latin 3
Spanish pre AP
AP Calculus AB
Honors Chemistry
AP World History
AP Language</p>

<p>11th grade:
AP Vergil
AP Spanish Language
AP Calculus BC
AP Biology
AP US History
AP American Literature</p>

<p>12th grade:
Honors Latin 5
AP Spanish Literature
AP Multi Variable Calculus
AP Physics
AP US Government & AP Microeconomics
AP English Literature</p>

<p>AP Courses and Score</p>

<p>12 5's, 4 4's National AP Scholar</p>

<p>My grades all range from A- to A+ except a B+ somewhere</p>

<p>Extra-curriculars: </p>

<p>Basketball (JV 2 Years)
National Honors Society (4 year)
Science Bowl (2 year)
Orchestra (4 years, 3 years of Chamber, Statewide Honor Orchestra 4 years)
Latin Honors Society (4 years, President Senior Year)
Debate Team (4 years, Captain Senior Year)
Math Team (4 years)
Mock Trial (4 years, Captain Senior Year)
Spanish Honors Society (4 years)
Model UN (4 years, Captain Senior Year)
Student Council (Class President 2 years)

Uh... there are some that dont come to my mind at the moment.
AIME Qualifying... Some wins under EC's
Duke TIP</p>

<p>Intended major: Law</p>

<p>Well since this is already at the bottom, BUMP??
lol xD</p>

<p>Well, those Subject test scores are awesome and the 2380 is just about as good as it gets. Your UW GPA I'm guessing is like 3.95 or something like that (because of that one B+ ;) ) and your ECs are mostly three years or longer and you have leadership positions.<br>
HYP- Good chance but who really knows?
Columbia/UPenn- Slightly better chance
Dartmouth/Brown- Even better chance
Cornell- Best chance </p>

<p>Once again, congrats on those killer stats. Now wanna chance me back?
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<p>Hey Everyone...
Not as many rates as id like to get!
Im actually kinda nervous...
Anyway here are some updates.
Pulled that B+ up and reported GPA came out today.
And those A-'s were a mistake! lol... had my brother help me out on this so haha</p>