Chance me Duke ED Pratt

Let me know chances for Duke ED for Pratt please …

Demographics: White Female, good public high school in Illinois, high income (no financial aid needed)

Major: Computer Engineering

SAT I (breakdown): 1530 (800 math, 730 R/W) (tried to take again but Covid cancellations)
ACT: did not take
SAT II: 770 Math 2 (hoped to bump this to 800 and take others but Covid cancellations)
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0 (weighted is 4.96)

Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): Does not rank, but I’m 1 out of 580

Senior Year Course Load:
Multi-variable Calc / Differential Equations; AP Physics C; AP Gov; AP Lit; AP CS A;

5s on AP Calc BC, AP Bio, APUSH, AP Lang, AP CSP; 4s on AP Micro, AP Macro, AP World

Basically hardest classes through high school.

-NHS President
-Extern at Cisco STEM High
-Research with College CS Prof
-HS and club soccer all four years (lost junior season to Covid)
-Active in school community service / mentorship org
-Math team
-State/nationally competitive constitution team
-PE Leader
-Other stuff

-National AP Scholar
-National Merit Commended
-Won award for top academic student in school
-Other smaller stuff

-I have been told by people I trust my essay is unique and compelling

  • Supplemental Duke essays are good (did Duke STEM Summer Academy, hopefully passion for attending Duke shines through)


  • No idea really but think they should be strong

No hooks (except maybe female in ECE?)