Chance Me Early Decision

<p>With Early Decision results coming tomorrow I can't help but be a tiny bit anxious...
(This is for Trinity)</p>

<p>State: Virginia
School: Competitive school ranked top 200 in the nation's public schools (last year 6 students were accepted into duke)
Sat Super Score: 2200 (700 Reading, 800 Math, 700 Reading)
Sat II: 780 US History, 770 BIO E
AP's and Scores: AP Human, AP Euro, AP Stat, AP Calc BC and AB Subscores, AP Psych, AP Lang and Comp, AP US History, AP Bio ( All 5's except for one 3 in Euro History)
Second Generation Chinese
Top 1% of Class (Ranked 4th in a class of 441)
GPA: Unweighted : 3.98 Weighted: 4.331 (Odd way of calculating it, but it's .048 added to your gpa for every A in an AP Class)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars, 250+ volunteer hours and various honor societies, All State French Horn player, Scholastic Bowl for 4 years captain for last two, Varsity lacrosse 2 years, Model UN and World Affairs champions, put a blurb about a paper i wrote and published in a medical journal with a local physician</p>