Chance me ED 1 Emory Oxford,ED 2 NYU Liberal Studies, UNC In state, and USC

Intended Major- Poli Sci + Econ
I am an Indian-American male Junior. Upper Middle class/low rich. I live in North Carolina.
UW GPA-3.7
W GPA-4.2
SAT-1480 (M-770, CRW-710)
Will take 7 AP classes throughout high school and 12 honors classes.

Student Government,
Officer in MUN club ,
Mock Trial team(we won a competition),
We the people(state champions) ,
Leader of a poverty awareness group at my school ,
Leader of investment club ,
Ethics Bowl,
National Honors Society ,
Research Paper,
Have advocated for certain bills and have talked to local politicians about them,
Summer school at NYU,
Volunteered with a local city council ,
Student Legislative Assembly,
Quiz bowl-1 year,
My grandfather runs one of the largest volunteering organizations within India and I have worked with that for a long time. That organization has won awards from the Government of India and UNICEF. I have many inspiring stories from there.
Internship in the summer with a lawyer

Hooks/Additional information
I moved to North Carolina in 9th grade and I got really sick when I came here and that deeply affected my freshman and sophomore year. I have an upward grade trend since then.
I go to a very highly ranked school in the state of North Carolina(I don’t want to reveal which one) and our school is known to be very competitive.
I also have a very good raport with my teachers and one of them already told me that she will write a “glowing” recommendation.

Ultimately, the bank account wins in the end, so there’s really not much to speculate about right now. My bigger concern is a degree in Liberal Studies. The idea behind college is to gain marketable skills. That degree takes the cake as the least likely to land you a job in a capitalist job market, and to pay $300,000 for it would be a tragic waste of money. If you’re going to spend that much for college, medical school would be cheaper.

I don’t want to sound snobbish but I have a parental income of 400-500k a year and I plan to double major in Economics and Statistics. At NYU liberal studies is just the first year where you get to explore multiple career paths and then you get transferred to the college of arts and sciences and that’s why I want to do that. I am considering either Econ, Comp sci, stats, or pre-med