chance me ED 1

Hi! I’m a senior and seriously considering applying to skidmore. Skidmore is definitely a reach me, but I’m thinking about applying ED so…

-White, upper middle class girl from Massachussetts
-Pretty competitive high ranked public high school
-GPA UW: 3.54
-GPA W: 3.77
-Significant increase from freshman year to senior year
-ACT: 31 (submitting this)
-Almost all Honors classes besides two years of regular spanish
-2 AP Classes senior year
-Very weak EC: Spent three years babysitting (trying to emphasize this as it was very consistent and 15 hours a week), I now work as a barista at starbucks about 20 hours a week, Spent a summer volunteering at a summer camp for adults a children with autism and down syndrome (I was assigned to women aged 35-70), and attended the New York Times Summer academy one summer
-My essay is unique to my life and well written (I think), but it’s probably not top tier
-Two LORs and one I think is very strong (I chose a teacher whose lass I struggled with freshman year and then I had her again junior year and I worked very hard and my grade improved significantly)

I think you could get in if you dont need aid. Your ACT score is pretty great too.

I agree with sushichick02. Your stats are not far from my D’s (current Jr. who LOVES Skidmore.) We were offered zero aid, and luckily can make it work. I’m pretty sure that Skidmore is need-aware while reviewing applicants.

Hi! what makes u love skidmore so much?