Chance me ED 2 (Low gpa)

OOS and applying ED2

GPA: UW: 3.65, W:3.93 (top 15%) Competitve HS, took the most rigorous course load possible (except honors math)

First Sem Senior Grades (All As, except in chemistry which was a B+)

SAT: 1480

APs–Bio, Lang, Psych, Physics, Lit, German, Calc AB, Econ, Chem

-Played Violin 8 Years; section leader for senior year
-Intern for a civic engagement organization-- created a youth voter club at my High School (spending about 5 hours a week here)
-Swim team for 7 years
-Schools academic quiz bowl (captain)
-Interned at a doctors office
-Founder of school’s community service club
-Volunteered at hospital
-Interned for townships board of health
-Various other clubs (like 5-6 more) at school, but I was mostly a member and not really a leader (Marching band, flute, etc.)


  • really not sure how to rate these because it could go either way
  • common app (8/10) I liked it a pretty good amount, but others really loved it. I didnt really see the spark, but then again I am my worst critic
  • Supplemental (7/10) Pretty specific and i think it came across well, but you never know


  • Id say both 7/10 and then an additional one I had was 9/10 imo

Other: I think my GPA and SAT really kills me :(. I did the optional video which would hopefully help.

Any advice or feedback is great :)) thank you in advance and good luck if you are (or parent of) class of 2021!

I’d classify it as a significant reach.

80% of WashSTL admits are in the top 10%, their average GPA is 4.15 (presumably weighted), and 1480 is right around the 25th percentile on their SAT scores. With a 15% acceptance rate.

But numbers aren’t everything and the other 20%/25% were still admitted, so nothing is ever certain. Good luck.

Yeah, I definitely agree its a big reach for me. Thank you for the input, though!

This is my view also. You should have your applications in at safeties.

Yup, I do have 2 applications in at safeties. Thought I’d shoot my shot as WashU and see what happens, since I have been really interested in the school for a couple of years now

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Did you get in?