Chance Me: ED 2022


In advance, I appreciate any assistance and welcome harsh criticism.


I am on full financial aid to a top 15 private high school in California. The academics are very rigorous compared to public school, and having above a 4.2 weighted in unheard of.

GPA: 3.86 Weighted
SAT: 1510 Superscored

Extra curriculars:

Law Firm Intern
Employee/Assistant at Pharmacy
Tour Guide
Debate Club Head
Model United Nations
Ethics Club
Internet Net Master
All Star Code (Coding program for colored individuals who need financial assistance)

Ethnicity: North African / Middle Eastern

APs: Calculus Ab 5

Personal Statement: Currently on how I am still discovering who I will be, but I can definitively say what my character is. Might change…

LOR: One will talk about my academic rigor, other is unknown. Both should be good.

Thank you so much, if you have any questions feel free to post.