Chance Me ED Duke

Interested in ED to trinity for Econ
4.49 W, 3.9 UW
SAT 1550 (800 math, 750 English)
13 AP, several honors and a few dual enrollments classes
White Male, Legacy (active alumni, does alumni interviews)
From northern Virginia
International DECA finalist
Founder of a non profit raising over $12K
3 year varsity athlete
AP scholar
Additional clubs and ECs

Seems strong and with the legacy hook I would imagine you are a competitive contender GL!

Honestly, I would go ED with another school. If you went ED with a school such as Cornell, you would have a much better chance to be accepted, as you are a very strong applicant.

Did you do ED?

why not ED to Duke? It’s gives the best chance.

Yes. Did ED