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<p>Hi I'm an rising senior and i'm currently FREAKING OUT about getting into college [due to parental pressure and self-motivation] and i just need to know what are my chances of getting some of my college choices
-UW GPA: 3.6
- W GPA: 3.9
-SAT score: 1930
-Community service hours [up until this point]: over 700 hours
-my school doesn't rank :/
- received a 4 on the US History AP exam & English and Language Composition AP Exam
- received a 2 on the French Language AP exam
- currently the President of my debate team
- involved in numerous clubs
- has had only one job [Mr. Goodcents]
- Kansas residency
- school: private, catholic high school [competitive]
different grading scale --> 93 - 100 = A; 85 - 92 = B, etc</p>

<p>I love community service and always want to advocate for the common good so I would love to major in legal studies or history. To be evident to my passion, I volunteer for an organization called Youth Court in which the volunteers are attorneys for teens who've committed first-time misdemeanor crimes, I’ve been apart of this program for about 4 years now. </p>

<p>both my parents have english as their second language, but i wouldn't be the first one to go to college.
Some special awards I've gotten include:
- a Presidential Service award [bronze]
- two other Presidential Service Awards [silver]
- My school also offers academic awards based on a GPA greater than 3.65 throughout the school year so I've received numerous of those.
- i'm the Vice President of the NAACP youth council in my area.
And then for debate:
- me and my partner placed 6th for the 2010 regional KCPLD tournament
- i placed 9th place for Top Speakers of the Year.
- received a bar as well as a Degree of Distinction from the National Forensic League</p>

<p>but here's the list of other AP's:
AP US History [4]
AP English Language & Composition [3]
AP French Language [2]
AP English Literature [for senior year]
AP European History [for senior year]</p>

<p>if you have any other questions/ criticisms plz post !!</p>

<p>Good numbers, but I don't really see a pattern in ec's. You should have a bunch of stuff geared toward one thing.</p>

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<p>Your SAT scores are essentially at the 25%. Don't know what school you're applying for but CAS is recommended to have 2000+ and Stern 2100+</p>

<p>Your UW GPA is right about the average.</p>

<p>If you're applying for CAS, low-reach.
Steinhardt is a match</p>

<p>for CAS would a SAT score of 2000+ better my chances??</p>

<p>Yes. Why wouldn't it? Look, I doubt you'll be rejected, but with those standardized test scores and a less-than-stellar GPA (no offense meant, it's just the truth) you could be LSP'd. Try taking the SAT again and really focus on the areas where you know you can improve. Also, don't send your AP scores, they won't help you.</p>