Chance Me ED (I'll chance back!)

<p>I realize that this is all very theoretical, but I’d love to know what you think--- VERY MUCH SO. Will return the favor. Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>I'm not really sure if I have the numbers to apply, and I really like other schools, so, we will see. Additionally, if you can think of any schools that would be a good fit for me, please share. </p>

<p>Academic Interests: History and International Law. Writing/debating/activism/publications are my hobbies. Applying with first choice majors as History and East Asian Studies. Intended career in international law.</p>

<p>SAT: 2110 (730 crit. reading, 580 math, 800 writing). Definitely retaking, looking for around 2250-2330 (took it in October, am 95% sure I got 700+ in math and a higher score on reading)<br>
SAT II’s: 800 US History, 730 World History, 730 Biology. May also take Literature and Latin
ACT: Am not taking
GPA: 97/100
Rank: 1st decile
Essays: Should be very good. Writing is probably my strongest ability.</p>

<p>AP’s: Art History (5), US Gov (5), US History (5), Biology (5), Environmental Science (5), European History, English Literature, Statistics, Comp Gov, Calculus AB. (Note: took US gov class summer before 10th grade at JSA, independent study environmental science, taking calc AB online course summer before senior year, will independent study comp gov)</p>

<p>EC’s/Service (Do my interests/commitment to public service come across here? Should I attach a resume or student activity profile to go along with the common app because I know I can’t list all of these?):
-Student Government (9-12)- Class Secretary (9-11), Site-Based Council Rep (12)</p>

<h2>-Student Activities Council (12)- Founder and President (12)</h2>

<p>-Representative to a school anti-bullying task force (11, 12)
-Representative on publicity committee and pilot student for my school’s senior options program (doing a project on international affairs second semester)
-Superintendent’s Board (12)
-Student Ambassador (12)
-I coordinate my school’s blood drives (11-12)
-I started a used school supply drive (10-12)
-Model UN (9-12)- Undersecretary (10), Fundraising Coordinator (11,12), Won a few awards
-Literary Magazine (9-12)- Business Editor (10), Layout Editor (11), Editor-In-Chief (12)
-Young Democrats (9-12)- Chief of Staff (10-12)
-STAND (anti-genocide) (9-12)- Education Coordinator (10, 11), President (12). Held a national educational coordinator position this past year within the organization (created materials for and educated thousands of university and high school students), Currently am a national blogger for the organization’s Web Site
-Newspaper (11-12)- News Editor (12)
-Congressional Debate (10-12)- Captain of Speech and Debate team (12), Founder of Congressional Debate at my school, 2x state qualifier with regional awards
-Theater Troupe (9-12)- Worked on playbills, set design, and directed a short play
-Second Theater Troupe (9-12)- Work to create productions for elementary school kids (it’s community service, I suppose). I also did the playbill for this.
-Intern (Summer2010- Winter 2010/Summer 2011)- Organization called WE (NGO focused on creating global partnerships between organizations. My function was student outreach)
-NY State Science Honor Society (10-12)
-National Honor Society (11-12)
-National Spanish Honor Society (11-12)
-National Latin Honor Society (12)</p>

-High Honor Roll for all of high school
-National Latin exam gold (11), silver (9,10)
-National Spanish exam bronze (11)
-Honor Diploma JSA Summer School
-Model UN/Debate Awards
-St. Michael College Book Award (for extracurricular achievement)
-National Merit Commended Student
-National Forensic League Degree of Honor
-AP Scholar with Distinction</p>

<p>Teacher Recs: Great. English teacher (9th and 11th grade, advisor to the literary magazine), Latin teacher (10th, 11th, and 12th grade), Principal (who adores me) will be quoted in my counselor's letter</p>

<p>Hook (if any): Early Decision, Legacy </p>

<p>Concerns: Mediocre math student (trying to make up with it taking 2 math AP tests, doing very well in those classes), Senior schedule is less challenging than it could be because of scheduling (explained in my letter), Received a few B+ grades, I work incredibly hard in EC’s even when it isn’t my “job” to do so (ie: I’m in a “lower position”); is there a way to convey the high level of effort/initiative without sounding cocky?) </p>

<p>State or Country: New Jersey (just outside of NYC)
School Type: Highly rated/affluent public; Class size ~220
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female</p>

<p>you are in</p>

<p>With the exception of the math SAT score, you sound like a great candidate- especially adding legacy into that. Your AP scores and ECs are amazing. :slight_smile: I’d say your chances are excellent.</p>