chance me ED?

<p>mostly B's, several A's, and 1 C.
out of 4.0 scale, unweighted gpa is about 3.6-3.7
sat 2100
crappy ec's
several AP's, but only 1 is a 4, all others are 3's or 2's
class rank: top 15 percent i think</p>

<p>unless you are 6'9" or can run a 4.2 40 yard dash, i'd say a very low chance.</p>

<p>I'd find other colleges to look at. Sorry.</p>

<p>You have a low GPA, "crappy" ECs, a good SAT score - albeit not by their standards, and on top of that, failing AP tests, which looks really bad on the application: unless you've got something amazing up your sleeves, I'd look for other options.</p>