Chance me: ED1 Emory College of Emory University

Hello, I am a male student from Wisconsin applying ED1 to Emory. I’ve been quite nervous about this process, and I just want some insight into what my decision might be. Stats below.

Gpa: Unweighted 3.92/4.0, my school doesn’t weight gpa, although I think it’s around 4.3-4.4

ACT: 34 single sitting (35 eng, 30 math, 33 reading, 36 science.)

Course-load: Almost all honors and some APs, I will have taken 8 APs (Euro, Bio, APUSH, CALC AB, GOV, Spanish Lang, Chem and Environmental Science) by the end of this year.

AP tests: Bio: 4, APUSH: 4, APEURO: 3

Social media research program - 4 years

High Schools Against Cancer - 3 years, President 1, secretary 1

Climate change action fellowship - 1 year

Started Community Problem Solving Team, second place at state - 1 year

Climate change related journalism program - 1 year

Wisconsin High School Democrats Campus Captain - 1 year

Ran summer camp and donated proceeds - 1 year

Soccer - 4 years, never varsity, 3 years high jv


I am applying as a Bio major, hopefully with a minor in environmental science or studies.

Thanks in advance for checking this out, I thoroughly appreciate it and wish everyone luck in their decisions this year!

You’ll know in a week - wait for the real decision.

You’re certainly a fine student. Had you applied to Oxford, it’d be more likely but certainly possible.

Good luck.

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Good luck with your results. I just wanted to comment because of your interests (biology, environmental science, climate change).If you don’t get into Emory ED1, I would suggest considering the University of Vermont or University of New Hampshire which are both good for your specific interests. Best of luck.


Thanks so so much, I will check those out!

Thanks for the response. I visited Oxford, and it just seemed a little too small for me.

I get it. My daughter only applied Emory. And when my son toured Emory I asked the tour guide if the Oxford assimilation into Emory was good and they said no. So I’d hesitate.

Just noting it’s the best way in…well the way to max chances.

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To be honest I think it maybe a longshot. GPA is low but your test score is good. Good luck but consider looking at other schools to jump into the ED2 round.

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Yeah I think I am a bit low in that regard. As far as ED2 I’m thinking Vanderbilt, although that will be a long shot as well. Thanks for the feedback!

Curious about your Tour Guide’s comment concerning transition of Oxford students to Emory campus. I’ve heard the opposite - that they arrive very prepared academically and have leadership experience due to smaller student body at Oxford

It was more from a social aspect. They are in a clique with the Oxford kids which is a smaller group. Emory kids are with Emory. It’s a social, not academic integration.

I got in!


Of course you did! Its ED1 and Emory takes 30% of applicants. Hyperinflated gpa’s are meaningless with 15 ap’s and a 4.8. Schools only look at rigor and unweigthed gpa. Also you may be from a prep school? Not sure, since you said your school doesnt weight gpa. The advice here is very focused on a certain type of student and profile with lots of ap’s. Many schools are moving past the ap’s totally.