Chance Me ED1

WGPA: 4.223
UWGPA: 3.875
Class Rank: Top 10%
SAT: 1940(CR 680 W 630 M630)
ACT: 29( 34 R 28M 26E 29 S)
AP: Bio 5 Environmental 4 Lang 4
Senior Year Course Load: AP Calc AB and BC, AP Lit, Adv Research and Internship, AP Psych, Adv Genetics(post AP Course) Honors Gov/ Econ

I am in a very competitive STEM Magnet program. Approx 150 students are accepted out of an applicant pool of over 600. I will graduate hs with 15 Adv math and science courses. I will also have completed a 13 week internship with a local vet, where I will conduct research that will be published and presented to a panel of judges in December.

National Beta Club, AP Scholar, Character Award Magnet Physics, Highest Average Honors World History, Equestrian state champion and national finalist (x2)

Beta Club
Junior Civitian Club (community service)
Habitat for Humanity
Art Club
Competitive equestrian (10 years)
Softball (over 20 seasons, both rec and travel)
Loads of hours at various community service events

Summer Activities: Not much, I have played travel softball every summer since 7th grade, which is a major time commitment, with 3 practices a week minimum and tournaments almost every weekend

Recs: AP Lang and AP Bio teachers, AP Lang teacher will write awesome rec, Bio teacher will probably write an average rec

Hooks: Magnet program

Essays: Strong

Intended Major: Biology/Pre-Med Track

Financial Aid: Yes

State: GA

Also I’ve demonstrated a lot of interest towards Emory, don’t know if it makes a difference anymore.

im in the same boat as you, and I think that you should be more than fine. The only thing that I can really say to improve would be the test scores, but even then they are decent.

Test scores are a little bit low and maybe some more leadership positions would have been more nice but I think you have a decent/average shot ED.

The championships for your equestarian activities are really cool but you’re applying as pre med like most applicants are which might hurt you a tiny bit.

If you write your essays well I think you have a decent shot. You seem like a typical Emory ED admit