Chance me? EDII for Mudd, as well as RPI, Stevens, Mines

<p>I'm a white female from New Jersey, and I'm a senior at a fairly generic public school that really doesn't send too many kids to top schools.</p>

<p>I appled EDII to Harvey Mudd, and RD to RPI, Stevens, and Mines. I plan to run XC if I go to Mudd, probably not anywhere else though. I AM FREAKING OUT ABOUT MUDD.</p>

<p>GPA: 97 UW, 105ish W, all A's except a B+ in 11th grade English.
Rank: 6/480 last time I checked, but I wouldn't be surprised if my class is down to 450ish by now.</p>

SAT:2220 (740 CR, 800M, 680W)
Chem: 780
Math II: 770
AP Chem: 5
AP Stat: 5
AP US History: 3</p>

<p>Senior Courses:
AP Biology
AP Calc AB
AP English IV (I think it's AP Lit but I'm not sure)
AP Psych
Honors Latin IV
PE/Health 12 (required course)</p>

Varsity XC (4 years)
Indoor Track (9, 10, 12)
Outdoor Track (4 years)
Swimming (11)
Work (9-12 in the summers)
50 hrs of various community service
Latin Club (10-12)</p>

National Merit Commended Student
AP Scholar
Latin Honor Society
Outstanding Student in Physics (school award)
A few National Latin Exam Awards</p>

Outstanding ones from my boss and my AP Stat teacher, and a decent one from my Latin teacher</p>

<p>Please chance me? I'm so nervous about Mudd! I loved it there so so so much when I visited and I'm not sure I can wait until February to find out. I wish I had visited earlier so that I could have decided before November to apply ED! Thank you so much!</p>

<p>I'm mostly worried about my EC's...I know they're fairly poor, although for the school I attend they are without a doubt above average. Will colleges know that my area doesn't have a lot to offer if they don't usually get applicants from here?</p>

<p>Bump? Please help me out!</p>

<p>Bump! Please chance me?</p>