Chance me: Exeter, Andover, and Choate

Hey! I’m nearly done with the entire app process as January 15th dawns on us. I am in 8th grade and applying for 9th at these schools. I’ve attended a private all girl school in NYC where there are many applicants for these schools from my grade and school. Here are my stats.

Race: Chinese American
State: New York
Gender: F
ISEE test score: 9 verbal, 9 quantitative, 9 reading, 7 math
Grades: Last year (7th grade) All A- except for English, Math, and History were A’s. this year (8th grade) A’s in English and History, A- in Latin, Science, Math, and a B in Spanish

• Interviews: (quick rankings I haven’t had all of them done yet)
Andover- 7.5/10
Exeter- 8.3/10
Choate- haven’t taken yet

Haven’t done Andover essays yet
Exeter essays are my best though. I write about an anime song which is original and also another about my identity and influnce. 8/10
Choate essay: identity and influence, same one I used for Exeter but modified slightly 8/10

Sports: Squash for 4 years
Instruments: Piano for 9 years
I was chosen in my grade (6 ppl chosen out of 60) to perform an original poem in a Bryant Park poetry slam
Awards: literally haven’t won any awards

• Other ECs :
Junior Council.
News Representative
Speech and Debate team
Feminism club
Entrepeneurism club

In my interviews and essays I talked a lot about my passion for Kpop, anime, and fashion. I think it’s somewhat more contemporary. I tried to really be authentic even though I know that I don’t shine particularly brightly academically. I haven’t done any TED talks and I haven’t raised any money for causes. Also, if someone can tell me how many applicants there are that’d be great thanks.
I have an aunt alumn from Exeter who is writing me a rec letter and a family friend who’s writing a rec letter for Choate (they know people on the board).

Hello there.
Honestly, I’m not sure what your chances are (I can’t do chances. I’m in 8th grade applying to the same schools as you)
However, I advise that you send a video in for your piano playing.
The thing that puts you at a disadvantage is the fact that, like me, you are an ORM (Overrepresented Minority) and also that many are applying from your school.
One question: Are you applying for financial aid? If so, then that puts you at further disadvantage.
Also, I used to love kpop too. Anyways, you should write about something you’re passionate about. The issue is… based on your interests/passions, I don’t know if these schools are right for you. Exeter and Andover are academically rigorous. I can see why you would want to go to Choate (arts concentration), but it’s still very academic. The most I can say is to pour your heart and soul in these essays.
Not only that, but you have to think about why the school would want you? Based on your ECs, you can join their squash team, and also you have musical talent. You don’t need to start some “TED Talk” or start a fundraiser to get accepted, but you do need to show that you have done volunteer work before.
But I believe you have a chance of getting in! I would say to add more schools but with the deadline so near, that’s not an option lol. I really don’t mean to discourage you and I hope this advice helps.

P.S. Why am I doing this when I should be in class.

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@jasmino1233, love you and I think you’re a great person. But I don’t think this is one of your better judgements. Schools will know if you’re able to handle the rigor based on grades and teacher recs, and essays are time to talk about who you are and it seems like @noodlenat did just that. Obviously, I haven’t read the essays and I don’t know them, so I don’t know if the essays are a good representation of who you are. But I think these topics could be really good essays! And we really can’t judge an essay based on what it’s about.

Also from my knowledge, there isn’t a huge difference between Andover and Exeter’s arts’ scene and Choate’s.

Thanks for the response. I am not applying for financial aid at any of these schools. I haven’t really done any volunteer work though.

Oh my bad! What I meant was Exeter is more academically focused. Not rigorous. Sorry I’m stupid. I’m just curious as to why @noodlenat would want to attend these schools out of all the others based on her interests.

Also, I know Choate isn’t too different from Andover and Exeter but their focuses are different. For example, Choate is focused more on the arts, science, and maths. I’ve heard that Exeter is more academically focused than Andover. However, all schools are academically rigorous in general. I believe @noodlenat would be a fine applicant as long as she’s herself in her essays!

Well that’s alright! I’m pretty sure your teacher recommendations will help convey that you’re a good student in class!

It’s completely fine. My class LITERALLY just started to LEARN about service and volunteering.

As @Jasmino1233 said, we are all ORM which definitely doesn’t help us whatsoever.
I do think you have a pretty good shot. Alums definitely add something good to your application, so you’re lucky!
I know nothing about the ISEE but I’m assuming the full score is out of 10. Your scores are amazing if I’m right then. Definitely submit them, as these schools look for academics as well. I love kpop and fashion a lot but I didn’t mention it in my essays at all (idk why). I have no idea if writing about it is a good thing, but it definitely shows your passion for something. Don’t worry about your awards, schools are looking for kids that are passionate and lovely (idk if I’m right bout that) and you seem like a great person.
I think you have a pretty good shot! Good luck to you and everyone else applying!

ISEE is out of 9 if I’m correct.

you are correct

I think you might enjoy the Choate experience the most … largely cause it has a long standing history of cultivating the Arts. I can’t think of a school with better arts related facilities (Paul Mellon Arts Center, Colony Hall) than Choate.

Among the three, Exeter is the best when it comes to STEM although Exeter’s Goel Center for Theater and Dance is very, very impressive.

Andover is excellent in just about everything and I understand they are contemplating building a new Arts Center.

Comparing these three schools by opining which is least academically focused is like asking which of the Kardashian slash Jenner sisters is the least rich.


Pretty sure Kim Kardashian is the richest.

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According to papermag, the least rich Kardashian is Kendall Jenner.

I’ll take that bet. It’s Kylie.


How much do you bet? Cuz I win: Kardashian Rich List: From Kim Kardashian reaching billionaire status to Kylie’s *actual* net worth | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard