Chance me fall '23

3.93/4.0 at a NESCAC, “small ivy” in fall semester
3.9 (so far) at a Patriot League School in spring semester
I had a 4.32 weighted GPA in HS with 9 AP classes

Chances at Washington and Lee, UVA, W&M… out of state

I’m confused - so you started at a NESAC - I’ll just throw out a name - let’s say Conn College - just so i can ensure I understand the situation.

Then you transfered for the next semester to a Patriot League - let’s say Lafayette - for the next semester.

and now you’re looking to transfer again? Do i have that right? Might i ask why- what’s wrong with where you’ve been ?

What you at larger schools or smaller, etc. I mean, BU is different than Colgate, etc.

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I didn’t officially transfer, I am currently a non-degree student at ‘Lafayette’ due to an emergency situation.

Dang - i got that one right.

So were you admitted anywhere or were you non degree both places?

UVA, W&M, and W&L are so vastly different - seems an unusual group.

I would talk to the transfer advisers and find out - do they take 2nd year - if that’s what you are, or do they want Juniors (then maybe you need to go to a CC), and where are they statistically. You should have a good idea.

Are you taking a full load now?

I was a fulltime student at the NESCAC (17 credits) but had to return home and given the time frame, started as a non degree student at the Patriot League School (9 credits.)

That’s where I would reach out to each - because 26 credits isn’t a full year.

W&L had 13 of 69 admitted in the last round reported (two years ago) so it won’t be easy. But with less than 30 credits, can you even get consideration. And 9 enrolled - so would you be comfortable going in - when the rest all know one another?

Go to CDS section D. UVA had a higher rate but some of those might be matriculation agreement driven.

And I 'd worry of your lack of credit.

If you are planning to be away from home again, why not go back to where you are already enrolled.

I would call and talk with a transfer advisor at each to figure out your chance me. But these schools are soooooooo different, it’s odd they would be your top choices collectively.

good luck.