Chance Me - First on Getting into Marquette, Then on Surviving Winter!

I’m from a very warm state and actually would like to experience a Winter - although sounds like its been really rough this year!

Knowing it is not an exact science, hoping you can chance me for Marquette:

UW GPA - 3.4, WGPA - 3.8* thru Junior Year
SAT - 1310
9 AP classes, 10 honors (passed all APs so far - take that AP CHEM!)
Great Recommendations
Boys State

Great EC (Band Leadership, Junior Olympian in Sport)
Currently working an internship
Major: History?? Economics??? Political Science???

*Had some medical issues that resulted in some lower grades

Appreciate the input. Trying to enjoy this college application process but its so competitive and at times overwhelming! I really want to find a college that I can thrive in. I’m friendly and think I’d like to join the ‘pep’ band!

Hi! Do you love Marquette? Milwaukee? Milwaukee is a fun town. I have no idea whether you’ll get into Marquette, but I’m wondering if you might want to experience winter in other places. There are several other places with winter that would welcome your stats. For example:

  • U of Maine at Orono -- currently offering to match your in-state tuition
  • Drew University -- great FA
  • Muhlenberg -- fun school but smaler than Marquette
  • UVM -- like U of Maine but maybe the FA isn't as great but very popular school
  • Wooster
  • Syracuse
  • UMass Amherst

and so many more.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about, especially if you explained that your medical issue caused the lower grades.

I can’t help you with your chances, but I can tell you that I moved from Texas to Maine and LOVE winter! It’s so beautiful. If you dress warmly, you’ll be fine. Be sure to get out and enjoy the outdoors! :slight_smile: